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PEDro has been informing physiotherapy practice for over 24 years. It is a free database of over 61,000 trials, reviews and guidelines evaluating physiotherapy interventions. You can SEARCH to answer your questions, BROWSE the latest research in your area of interest, LEARN more about evidence-based practice, access useful RESOURCES, or find out more ABOUT this invaluable global resource.


About PEDro

PEDro has been designed to support the practice of evidence-based physiotherapy. It gives rapid access to the best research evaluating the effects of physiotherapy interventions. Only studies using the most rigorous research methods are indexed: randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews and evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. A unique feature of PEDro is that trials are independently assessed for quality using the PEDro scale. These quality ratings are used to quickly guide users to trials that are more likely to be valid and to contain sufficient information to guide practice.

PEDro has three search pages (Advanced, Simple and Consumer). We strongly encourage health professionals to use the Advanced Search, which contains 13 fields to define search terms with precision. For this reason, the SEARCH buttons in the header, footer and PEDro icon take you directly to the Advanced Search page. Those who are new to searching may like to begin with the Simple Search, which contains a single text field. Patients and other users of physiotherapy can access the Consumer Search, which has less technical language.

PEDro is produced by the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health at the University of Sydney and Sydney Local Health District and is hosted by Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA).

PEDro supporters

PEDro is produced on a not-for-profit basis with financial support from industry partners, granting bodies, and donations from organisations and individuals. Help PEDro grow by making a donation or contacting us to discuss a partnership.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support provided by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and endorsement by World Physiotherapy. More information about our supporters is available on the PEDro Supporters page.

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