Fair use

In so far as it is legally entitled to do so, the PEDro Partnership grants the right to individuals to download content on the PEDro and DiTA web-sites for fair use. In general this entitles individuals to download up to 10% of the contents of the database or web pages for private use.

Any use of PEDro scores or text from the PEDro and DiTA web-sites should acknowledge the PEDro Partnership (pedro.org.au).

Any form of systematic, bulk, or automated downloading or the use of spiders or robots is not permitted.

Commercial use is only permitted with written approval from the PEDro Partnership.

The PEDro Partnership has obtained permission from copyright holders to reproduce abstracts on the PEDro and DiTA web-sites. This does not confer a right to users of PEDro to reproduce abstracts elsewhere.

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