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Since its inception, PEDro has been supported by several organisations and many individuals. Current supporters are listed below. The PEDro Partnership expresses its gratitude to these organisations and individuals but retains editorial independence from them.

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British Journal of Sports Medicine
The British Journal of Sports Medicine has published five editorials about PEDro (Amorim et al 2020, Kamper et al 2015, Kamper et al 2014, Elkins et al 2013, and Sherrington et al 2010) and included a summary of a systematic review indexed on PEDro in most issues in 2011-2018.

PEDro has also received assistance from a large number of volunteers who have given freely of their time and skills. The following people rated trials for PEDro during 2023: Aaron Peden, Aishath Mahfooza, Alaa Noureldeen Kora, Alessandro Carlucci, Alessandro Pagano, Alessia Girolami, Alexandra Diggles, Alla Melman, Amy Sman, Ana Salles, Andrea Gardoni, Andrew Rank, Anne Moseley, Arnold Sze Long Kwok, Ayyappan Jayavel, Brad Beer, Brenda Lucciano, Brett Doring, Brice Pennicott, Carlos Sanchez Medina, Carolina Goncalves Figueiredo, Celine Lee, Chris Oats, Christine Tadros, Chuan-chieh Lai, Ciara Harris, Claudio Cordani, Clement Yan, Connie Jensen, David Seneque, Deborah Deserri, Dennis Boer, Dineshkumar Selvamani, Elena Ierardi, Elif Kirdi, Emre Ilhan, Eurose Majadas, Eva Ursej, Frank Aerts, Gary Koh, Gerardo Candoni, Gessica Tondini, Gul Oznur Karabicak, Gustavo Padovezi, Hao Nam Lee, Henry Pak, Hopin Lee, Hossam Mortada, Hubert Makaruk, Hugang Cheo, Hwee Kuan Ong, Ima Strkljevic, Irene Toh, Janio Luiz Correia Junior, Jean-Philippe Regnaux, Jeremy Hobbs, Jess Chan, Jiayen Wong, Joelle Andre-Vert, John Tan, Jose Antonio Lores Peniche, Joshua Zadro, Julia Chevan, Julia Vasconcelos, Julio Fernandes de Jesus, Kailey Payne, Karen Koh, Kathrin Fiedler, Kidman Yi Jer Ng, Laura Blanco, Laura Crowe-Owen, Leo Hurley, Leonardo Piano, Li Khim Kwah, Lilian Ashraf, Llanos de la Iglesia Avila, Lorenzo Vannucci, Luca Bertazzoni, Lucas Henrique Caetano Carmona dos Santos, Luiz Gomez, Maciej Plaszewski, Mahsa Seydi, Marco Bravi, Marcus Kong, Mariana Leite, Maribeth Gelisanga, Mark Drysdale, Matt Cranney, Matteo Gaucci, Matteo Locatelli, Megha Sheth, Mia Boye Nyvang, Michelle Liu, Monica Bastante Lozano, Monica Castiglioni, Muhammad Norrisman Bin Mohamed Hassan, Mykola Romanyshyn, Nicolas Ferrara, Pamela Barros, Paolo Comotti, Pauline Khoo, Pauline Koh, Pauline Yeo, Pedro Andreo, Peter Ashcroft, Peter Geagea, Pik yen bavita Leong, Pirashikah Prahatheesan, Poonam Pal, Renato Nitzsche, Robert Brown, Roberto Napoli, Robyn Porep, Rodrigo Cappato, Sacha Bossina, Seow Yee Teo, Shaimaa Eldib, Shamala Thilarajah, Sheik Abdul Khadir Amk, Shivani Sheth, Shyan Ni Sim, Simone Pivaro Stadniky Scaff, Siti Khalijah, So Nishimura, Sofia Aguinaga, Sonam Jethwa, Stefano Berrone, Stephanie Nelson, Stephen Chan, Styllon Ferreira Dos Santos, Syl Slatman, Sylvia Liew, Talia Barnet-Hepples, Tory Toogood, Tracy Ong, Uwe Eggerickx, Valentin Valliant, Veronica Bassi, Viji Navamany, Vivien Toiron, Yannik Gruhl, Yee Ching Liew, Yian Nee Chiew, Yuri Lopes Lima, Zachary Southern, Zhiwei Yang.

The following people kindly translated the PEDro web pages:

The following people are university ‘PEDro Champions’ who ensure PEDro is taught in the curriculum as an evidence-based resource for students, clinicians, educators and researchers:

Staff and contractors

Several staff are employed to develop and maintain PEDro. The staff for 2023 include:

Geraldine Wallbank

Institute for Musculoskeletal Health at the University of Sydney and Sydney Local Health District, Australia
Geraldine is the Senior project officer of PEDro and manages the production and development of the PEDro resource, communications and operations. Geraldine is also a clinical trial manager and PhD candidate. Her research focuses on promoting physical activity participation for healthy ageing.

Courtney West

Sydney Musculoskeletal Health and Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, at the University of Sydney, Sydney Local Health District and Northern Sydney Local Health District, Australia
Courtney is a Research Assistant and Media and Communications project support officer. Courtney assists in the day-to-day running of PEDro and clinical trials. She also manages a number of social media pages and is involved in the creation of videos and infographics.

Venisa Kwok

Institute for Musculoskeletal Health at the University of Sydney and Sydney Local Health District, Australia
Venisa is a PEDro production officer and rater, who assists with screening articles meeting the PEDro criteria for indexing and rating trials. Venisa is also a PhD candidate. Her research interest interests focus on preventing falls and fall-related injuries in older adults.

Theresa Ford

Institute for Musculoskeletal Health at the University of Sydney and Sydney Local Health District, Australia
Theresa is a casual PEDro rater. Her physiotherapy areas of interest are Women’s Health, Lymphoedema and Neurological and Musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

PEDro is hosted by Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA).

We contract the following information technology companies to produce PEDro:

  • Andrew Duncan from Databuzz is responsible for our database.
  • Cocoon Creative upgraded the PEDro web-site.
  • Phil Paige from ShortRadius is responsible for the interactive search pages.
  • Rose Cox from Purple Prodigy produced the PEDro training site.

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