PEDro podcast

Anne Moseley and Rob Herbert recorded a podcast about PEDro at the Australian Physiotherapy Association CONNECT 2015 conference. To listen to the podcast visit

PEDro Evidence in your inbox

Accessing the latest high-quality clinical research in your area of practice just got a whole lot easier. With PEDro evidence in your inbox you can sign up for tailored feeds of the latest guidelines, reviews …

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PEDro Newsletter

The PEDro Newsletter has been launched (this will replace the PEDro email list). The newsletter summarises all developments with the PEDro resource and will be released about once a month. The newsletter will be available …

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Launch of PEDrinho

Did you know that over 12% of PEDro users speak Portuguese and that physiotherapists in Brazil are the third biggest users of PEDro (after Australia and the USA)? To make PEDro more accessible to Portuguese …

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New PEDro blog launched

The latest developments for the PEDro resource will now be communicated in a blog. The blog is available in English and Portuguese.

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