An overview of PEDro

A short article providing an overview of the Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro) has recently been published. PEDro is a free, searchable online resource that can be used by physiotherapists to assist their efforts to undertake evidence-based practice. In February 2019 PEDro indexed the details of over 42,000 pieces of published evidence about the effects of physiotherapy interventions, and the number of articles is growing exponentially. PEDro is searched millions of times each year by users worldwide. In addition to searching PEDro to answer clinical questions, physiotherapists can browse the latest evidence in their area of practice using the PEDro Evidence in your inbox service. Training for using the search interface and to develop skills in evidence-based practice is provided in 12 languages. The article concludes by outlining the collaboration between the Societá Italiana de Fisioterapia (SIF) and PEDro. In addition to providing financial support, about 40 SIF members have completed the PEDro scale training program and have rated over 400 of the trials indexed on PEDro.

Elkins M, et al. Societá Italiana de Fisioterapia and the Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro). Arch Physiother 2019;9(5):Epub

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