Another word on low back pain

Back in April we highlighted a major Lancet series on non-specific low back pain. The series described the burden and global impact of back pain, gave an overview of causes and course, reviewed the evidence for the effectiveness of current treatments, and made a worldwide call to action to change policy and practice. The series received significant media attention, including being featured on Australia’s ABC Radio National Health Report. This radio program (now available as a podcast) emphasised how expensive treatments like surgery and cortisone injections are overused to treat back pain; that cheap, effective care is under-used; and some of the latest neuroscience research that may change our understandings of how best to deal with back pain. The program followed a group of researchers, educators and clinicians who cycled 750 km as part of the 2018 Pain Revolution to change how people understand pain in rural and regional communities in Australia. Mark Hancock, one of 30 international authors of the Lancet series, highlighted the need for legislative and funding changes plus called for clinicians to rethink how they’re managing back pain.

Read the Lancet series on non-specific low back pain.

Listen to the ABC Radio National Health Report on rethinking what’s best for low back pain.

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