Evidence-based practice workshop at Shanghai Sunshine Rehabilitation Center

In November 2019 and in collaboration with Prof Alice Jones (Honorary Professor at Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney, and at School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Queensland), Anne Moseley and Rob Herbert ran a workshop on how to practice and teach evidence-based practice at Shanghai Sunshine Rehabilitation Center.

The workshop ran over 3 days and involved both physiotherapy educators and clinicians. It helped participants to develop knowledge and skills in all five steps of evidence-based practice. The content addressed all 68 of the core competencies for evidence-based practice teaching. As the workshop focused on therapy, the competencies that relate to appraising diagnostic, prognostic, etiology and qualitative studies were not covered (ie, competencies 3.5 and 3.7-3.9).

Two additional objectives were also addressed in the workshop. First, developing strategies to teach each step of the evidence-based practice process to entry-level physiotherapy students. And second, how to incorporate teaching evidence-based practice in the curricula for entry-level physiotherapy courses.

The workshop as a great success. Anne and Rob extend their gratitude to the participants (who made the workshop an engaging and interactive experience) and to Shanghai Sunshine Rehabilitation Center (for being such gracious hosts). They also extend a special thanks to Alice for being such a dynamic translator during the workshop.

Pictured are the workshop leaders, Anne Moseley, Alice Jones and Rob Herbert, along with workshop participants at Shanghai Sunshine Rehabilitation Center.

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