Infographic for systematic review found that every 30min/week of moderate to vigorous supervised aerobic exercise training in people with type 2 diabetes significantly reduced HBA1C, with the greatest reduction seen with 100min/week

Last month we summarised the systematic review by Jayedi A et al. The review concluded that for people with type 2 diabetes every 30 min/week of supervised moderate to vigorous intensity aerobic exercise training significantly reduced HbA1c, with the greatest reduction seen with 100 min/week, compared to no intervention or usual activity. The certainty of the evidence was rated strong.

Some findings are included in this infographic.

Jayedi A, Emadi A, Shab-Bidar S. Dose-dependent effect of supervised aerobic exercise on hba1c in patients with type 2 diabetes: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Sports Medicine 2022 Apr 1:Epub ahead of print

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