Infographic: Systematic review found that home-based rehabilitation is not different from centre based rehabilitation for improving impairments and activity limitations in adults with stroke.

Last month we summarised the systematic review by Nascimento et al 2022. The review concluded that the location where exercises take place is less important than the amount and type of exercise. This may have implications for people with limited access to healthcare facilities such as those living in rural or remote locations.

Some findings are included in this infographic.




















Nascimento LR, Gaviorno LF, Brunelli M, Gonçalves JV, da Silva Arêas FZ. Home-based is as effective as centre-based rehabilitation for improving upper limb motor recovery and activity limitations after stroke: A systematic review with meta-analysis. Clinical Rehabilitation 2022, 36(12): 1565–1577. DOI: 10.1177/02692155221121015

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