#MyPTArticleOfTheMonth – response to the campaign so far

Many physiotherapists have taken up the #MyPTArticleOfTheMonth challenge and have been sharing their reading with the global physiotherapy community. Most posts have been articles reporting the results of randomised controlled trials. There have also been posts about reviews, large cohort studies, and diagnostic studies. The importance of evaluating treatment fidelity and the reporting of 95% confidence intervals in trials.

Do you need some ideas for your monthly reading? Here’s what others have been reading during the challenge:

Trials (all score 8/10 on the PEDro scale)


Large cohort study

Diagnostic study

Evaluating treatment fidelity

Reporting 95% confidence interval

Your ability to read scientific articles will improve with practice. Make the commitment to read at least one article per month and share your reading with the global physiotherapy community in #MyPTArticleOfTheMonth.

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