PEDro will be at the 2023 World Physiotherapy Congress

The PEDro team welcome the opportunity to meet PEDro users and supporters face-to-face at the upcoming 2023 World Physiotherapy Congress in Dubai 2-4 June.

Several activities will feature PEDro which may interest delegates attending the congress. Some are listed below:

PEDro stall: Meet and network with PEDro leaders, delegates and organisations who are interested in evidence-based physiotherapy
Date: 2-4 June
Time: all day
Exhibition hall

Focused symposium: ‘Can evidence from high-income countries be used in low-income countries?’
Date: Friday 2 June
Time: 14:20-15:20, Sheikh Rashid F+C+D
Chair and presenters: Hemakumar Devan, Simone Dorsch, Corlia Brandt

Presentation: ‘Sluggish adoption of simple methods that reduce bias: a longitudinal analysis of 35,653 physiotherapy trials’.
Date: Friday 2 June
Time: 16:00-17:00, Sheikh Rashid A
Presenter: Geraldine Wallbank

Focused symposium: ‘Overcoming barriers to evidence-based clinical practice’
Date: Saturday 3 June
Time: 16:30-17:30, Sheikh Maktoum A
Chair and presenters: Mark Elkins, Tie Parma Yamato, Vincent Singh Paramanandam, Li Khim Kwah, José Francisco Meneses-Echávez

Network session: ‘Introducing PEDro’
Date: Sunday 4 June
Time: 11:00-12:00, Abu Dhabi B
Chairs: Mark Elkins, Geraldine Wallbank

Discussion: ‘Knowledge translation: how to use research to guide practice’
Date: Sunday 4 June
Time: 11:00-12:00, Sheikh Maktoum D
Chair and presenters: Anne Moseley, Kari Bø, Etienne Ngeh Ngeh, Jackie Whittaker, Leanne Hassett

Connect with PEDro leaders and the team at any of the PEDro activities at the World Physiotherapy Congress.

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