PEDro #MyPTArticleOfTheMonth challenge spreads to French- and Portuguese-speaking physiotherapists

Many physiotherapists have signed up for the #MyPTArticleOfTheMonth challenge and have started sharing their reading with the global physiotherapy community. We invite all physiotherapists to join in the challenge.

To support this global challenge, the PEDro #MyPTArticleOfTheMonth video is now available in Portuguese and French.

PEDro acknowledges the contributions of Amabile Borges Dario and Aurélie Morichon, who translated and recorded the Portuguese and French videos, respectively. Amabile is from The University of Sydney. Aurélie is from the Société Française de Physiothérapie.

Don’t forget to share your reading with the global physiotherapy community by using the hashtag #MyPTArticleOfTheMonth on Twitter or Facebook.

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