PEDro satellite centres contribute to developing the PEDro and DiTA databases. Meet PEDro Singapore.

Earlier this year the PEDro Steering committee announced the global expansion of the PEDro and DiTA databases and launched the PEDro satellite centres. The four satellite centres that are currently contributing to the maintenance of the PEDro and DITA databases are PEDro Canada (Université de Sherbrooke), PEDro OsloMet, PEDro Brazil, PEDro Singapore. The PEDro Steering Committee is grateful for these satellite centres and all volunteers involved.

This month PEDro introduces PEDro Singapore and the key people working in the satellite centre.

Who are the key people in your PEDro satellite, and what organisation/s are represented by your satellite?
Associate Professor Kwah Li Khim is the director of programmes at the Health and Social Sciences Cluster of Singapore Institute of Technology, and Honorary Secretary and Mentor to Education Committee at the Singapore Physiotherapy Association. Her research interests are stroke rehabilitation, evidence-based practice and implementation science.

Mr John Tan is Senior Principal Physiotherapist at the Singapore General Hospital and the Chair of Education Committee at the Singapore Physiotherapy Association. His research interest is clinical outcomes for patients following knee arthroplasty.

What is the role of PEDro Singapore within PEDro?
PEDro Singapore has assembled a team of volunteer PEDro raters from the Singapore Physiotherapy Association. They regularly contribute to the PEDro database by using the PEDro Scale to rate trials.

How did your satellite form?
PEDro Singapore was initiated by the Singapore Physiotherapy Association, as we share common goals with PEDro to promote evidence-based physiotherapy. We hope that we can create a strong network of local clinicians and researchers who can meet regularly to learn and exchange ideas for quality improvement and research projects.

What are the benefits of being a satellite for PEDro?
We are privileged to be recognised as a PEDro satellite centre. Through this collaboration with PEDro, the Singapore Physiotherapy Association has gained credibility by joining and contributing towards a renowned global physiotherapy institution. We also benefit from access to resources and training provided by PEDro, as well as regular talks from various expert researchers. This will assist local physiotherapists in gaining more knowledge and skills in evidence-based practice, and expanding their network to explore potential collaboration opportunities with international expert researchers.

What are potential areas of development for PEDro Singapore?
We aim to continue to lead the training of PEDro raters in Singapore, and hope to engage more of the physiotherapy community in Singapore to join us as PEDro raters.

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