PEDro scale online training is available in English and Portuguese

You may be interested to know that PEDro provides online training for the PEDro scale. In this online training we provide a definition, detailed description, and answers to frequently asked questions in both text and video formats for each item of the PEDro scale. Each item also has worked examples and practice articles. The examples are drawn from actual articles to illustrate instances that meet (and do not meet) the PEDro scale items. Practice articles can be used to confirm mastery of each item. The entire training program is available in both English and Portuguese.

The training program also includes an accuracy test. A certificate is provided to those who complete the training program and pass the accuracy test.

The program costs AUD 50 for individual subscribers. Institutional subscriptions are also available. All proceeds from the online training are used to produce and develop the PEDro resource.

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