PEDro’s most accessed articles in 2021

In 2021, PEDro answered more than 4.2 million questions. That means a new search was performed every 7 seconds, on average.

Although PEDro contains more randomised controlled trials than systematic reviews and practice guidelines, the most commonly accessed articles by PEDro users were reviews and guidelines. This means that many physiotherapists are using the most condensed forms of high-quality evidence to guide their practice. Reviews synthesise the results of all available trials about a particular physiotherapy intervention for a specific health condition. Guidelines typically summarise the available reviews and other individual trials that were not included in those reviews.

The top 10 articles accessed in PEDro during 2021 were:

  1. Chutkan NB, et al. Evidence-based clinical guidelines for multidisciplinary spine care: diagnosis and treatment of low back pain (2020). Read more on PEDro.
  2. Rooney S, et al. Systematic review of changes and recovery in physical function and fitness after severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus infection: implications for COVID-19 rehabilitation. Phys Ther 2020;100(10):1717-29. Read more on PEDro.
  3. George SZ, et al. Interventions for the management of acute and chronic low back pain: revision 2021. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther 2021;51(11):CPG1-CPG60. Read more on PEDro.
  4. Hornby TG, et al. Clinical practice guideline to improve locomotor function following chronic stroke, incomplete spinal cord injury, and brain injury. J Neurol Phys Ther 2020;44(1):49-100. Read more on PEDro.
  5. Liu K, et al. Respiratory rehabilitation in elderly patients with COVID-19: a randomized controlled study. Complement Ther Clin Pract 2020;39:101166. Read more on PEDro.
  6. Kolasinski SL, et al. 2019 American College of Rheumatology/Arthritis Foundation guideline for the management of osteoarthritis of the hand, hip, and knee. Arthritis Care Res 2020;72(2):149-62. Read more on PEDro.
  7. Managing the long-term effects of COVID-19 (SIGN161). Read more on PEDro.
  8. Diercks R, et al. Guideline for diagnosis and treatment of subacromial pain syndrome: a multidisciplinary review by the Dutch Orthopaedic Association. Acta Orthop 2014;85(3):314-22. Read more on PEDro.
  9. Hawk C, et al. Best practices for chiropractic management of patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain: a clinical practice guideline. J Alternat Complement Med 2020;26(10):884-901. Read more on PEDro.
  10. Management of rotator cuff injuries clinical practice guideline (2019). Read more on PEDro.

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