PEDro’s World-Wide Journal Club

PEDro has indexed over 60,000 clinical trials, reviews and guidelines over the last 25 years. To help stay on top of the latest evidence the PEDro World-Wide Journal Club encourages our global physiotherapy community to read trials, reviews and guidelines that have important implications for clinical practice.

Journal clubs are a great way to help yourself and your colleagues critically appraise evidence and translate the evidence to enhance your clinical practice. There are four elements to a journal club:

  1. Select and read a research article (or articles) that address an evidence-practice gap or highlight new findings. Participants may share in this selection process and should read the article prior to attending the journal club.
  2. Summarise the important points of the article (paying particular attention to the methods used, the main results, and the strengths and weaknesses) at the start of the journal club.
  3. Discuss the implications of the results. Participants decide whether implementation of the evidence would have a positive influence on clinical practice and explore possible barriers and facilitators.
  4. Devise strategies to implement the evidence into practice. For example, plans for audit and feedback to quantify current and future practice.

Tips on running your own journal club can be found here.

You can watch and listen to previous PEDro World-Wide Journal Clubs here.

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