We are excited to announce that the #PEDroTacklesBarriers to evidence-based physiotherapy campaign is now available in Spanish, Ukranian and Turkish!

The ‘#PEDroTacklesBarriers to evidence-based physiotherapy’ campaign will help you to tackle the four biggest barriers to evidence-based physiotherapy.

This campaign was inspired by a recent systematic review by Matteo Paci and colleagues that investigated the barriers to evidence-based physiotherapy. The review included 29 studies reporting the opinions of nearly 10,000 physiotherapists. Lack of time was the most frequently encountered barrier and was reported by 53% of physiotherapists. This was followed by language (36%), lack of access (34%), and lack of statistical skills (31%).

Thank you to Antonia Gomez, Carmen Suarez and Gerardo Candoni for kindly translating the content into Spanish; Mykola Romanyshyn and into Ukranian; and Gül Öznur Karabıçak, Betül Atmış, Helin Merve Sapan, Siddika Fatma Uygur into Turkish

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