Podcasts now available for the PEDro Top 5 Trials from 2014-2019

Last year we announced the PEDro Top 5 Trials from 2014-2019. The trials were nominated by PEDro users, and an independent panel of international trialists judged the nominations received.

PEDro has partnered with PT Pintcast to produce podcasts with the lead authors of the PEDro Top 5 Trials. The next podcast is now available!

Exercises to improve function of the rheumatoid hand (SARAH): a randomised controlled trial
Lamb SE, Williamson EM, Heine PJ, Adams J, Dosanjh S, Dritsaki M, Glover MJ, Lord J, McConkey C, Nichols V, Rahman A, Underwood M, Williams MA, on behalf of the Strengthening and Stretching for Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Hand Trial (SARAH) Trial Team
Lancet 2015;385(9966):421-9

Many thanks to Jimmy McKay and the team from PT Pintcast for producing these podcasts. We are looking forward to hearing from the authors of the LIPPSMAck POP trial soon.

Congratulations once again to the teams who produced the PEDro Top 5 Trials. Your contributions to physiotherapy are highly valued and appreciated.

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