Revisiting the best 15 physiotherapy trials published before 2014

Back in 2014 when PEDro was celebrating its 14th anniversary we decided to identify the 15 most important physiotherapy trials. We added 5 more trials to this list to celebrate PEDro’s 20th anniversary in 2019. Collectively these trials will be called the PEDro Top 20 Trials.

In October 2019 we started revisiting the best 15 physiotherapy trials published before 2014. We made a short video to summarise the results of the Olsen trial that evaluated the effects of exercises to prevent lower limb injuries in youth sport.

We have produced videos for four more of the best 15 physiotherapy trials published before 2014.

Single blind, randomised controlled trial of pelvic floor exercises, electrical stimulation, vaginal cones, and no treatment in management of genuine stress incontinence in women
Bo K, Talseth T, Holme I
BMJ 1999;318(7182):487-93

The effectiveness of the McKenzie method in addition to first-line care for acute low back pain: a randomized controlled trial
Machado LAC, Maher CG, Herbert RD, Clare H, McAuley JH
BMC Medicine 2010;8(10):Epub

Physiotherapy for Bell’s palsy
Mosforth J, Taverner D
British Medical Journal 1958;2(5097):675-77

Efficacy of traction for non-specific low back pain: a randomised clinical trial
Beurskens AJ, de Vet HC, Koke AJ, Lindeman E, Regtop W, van der Heijden GJ, Knipschild PG
Lancet 1995;346(8990):1596-1600

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