PEDro satellite centres contribute to developing the PEDro and DiTA databases: Meet PEDro OsloMet

Earlier this year the PEDro Steering committee announced the global expansion of the PEDro and DiTA databases and launched the PEDro satellite centres. The four satellite centres that are currently contributing to the maintenance of the PEDro and DITA databases are PEDro Canada (Université de Sherbrooke), PEDro OsloMet, PEDro Brazil, PEDro Singapore. The PEDro Steering Committee is grateful for these satellite centres and all volunteers involved.

This month PEDro introduces PEDro OsloMet and the key people working in the satellite centre.

Who are the key people in your PEDro satellite, and what organisation/s are represented by your satellite?

Karin Hesseberg is Head of Master Studies in the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Health Technology at OsloMet University. Her research interests include physical function and fitness in older people.
Sigrid Ryeng Alnes is a PhD candidate at OsloMet University, conducting a randomised controlled trial on digital follow-up of people with Parkinson’s disease. She is responsible for the day-to-day work of PEDro OsloMet.

What is the role of PEDro OsloMet within PEDro?
PEDro OsloMet maintains the systematic reviews records that are indexed on PEDro. This involves screening search results for eligibility, formatting and coding eligible reviews and uploading them to the PEDro database.

How did your satellite form?
OsloMet was invited to form a PEDro satellite in 2021. It took some time to figure out in what way OsloMet could best contribute and how the satellite should be organized, but at the start of 2022 we were up and running. In the first year, there was a focus on learning the tasks and technicalities of processes, gradually adding on more responsibilities.

What are the benefits of being a satellite for PEDro?
Research and research dissemination is an important priority for OsloMet University. As the largest educational institution for physiotherapy in Norway, being a part of the work on informing physiotherapy practice is essential. PEDro is a natural collaboration partner with us. OsloMet can contribute to making physiotherapy-relevant research accessible as part of an international collaboration and make contacts with relevant research environments.

What are potential areas of development for PEDro OsloMet?
The OsloMet satellite is still very new and most of the focus has been on the technicalities and practical work. There is a potential for more promotion of this collaboration and the involvement of other relevant organisations and institutions.





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