Support for PEDro comes from industry, physiotherapy organisations and individuals

Support for PEDro comes from industry partners around the globe. The Australian Physiotherapy Association is our Foundation Partner. The Motor Accident Insurance Commission, Transport Accident Commission, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, and Cerebral Palsy Alliance are Partners. Our Association Partners for 2019 were World Confederation for Physical Therapy Member Organisations from 38 countries.

We also thank the individual physiotherapists who have made a donation to PEDro during 2019.

But PEDro is facing significant financial challenges. We need more partners to help us continue the work we do and keep PEDro free and accessible around the world. From private practices to hospitals, government departments and universities, we can tailor a sponsorship package to suit any organisation. If your organisation would like to invest in the future of physiotherapy, please contact us.

Another way we can pay for PEDro and keep it free is through donations from users. You can choose an amount that suits your budget. We truly appreciate your help.

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