The PEDro World-Wide Journal Club will be launched in April 2020

We are pleased to announce a new PEDro initiative for 2020. Starting in April, PEDro will be hosting a World-Wide Journal Club. The purpose of this journal club is to encourage the global physiotherapy community to read trials, reviews and guidelines that have important implications for clinical practice. We hope that facilitating discussion of this research will help physiotherapists to implement the results into their clinical practice.

The PEDro World-Wide Journal Club will include four resources:

  1. A research article that addresses an important evidence-practice gap.
  2. A summary of the important points of the article (paying particular attention to the methods used, the main results, and the strengths and weaknesses), usually in video format.
  3. A panel discussion about the implications for clinical practice that explores possible barriers and facilitators.
  4. Links to resources to support the discussion and to help in the implementation of new clinical practice.

Those interested in being involved, can use these resources as the basis for running a local journal club with their peers.

Three to four PEDro World-Wide Journal Clubs are planned for 2020. The first club will focus on constraint induced movement therapy after stroke and start in April. We invite all physiotherapists working in neurology to be involved in this club. If you are interested in being involved in this important initiative, you can start preparing by inviting a group of your peers to be involved in your local discussion and read the EXCITE trial:
Wolf SL, Winstein CJ, Miller JP, Taub E, Uswatte G, Morris D, Giuliani C, Light KE, Nichols-Larsen D, for the EXCITE Investigators. Effect of constraint-induced movement therapy on upper extremity function 3 to 9 months after stroke: the EXCITE randomized clinical trial. JAMA 2006;296(17):2095-104

More details will be available in the April issue of the PEDro Newsletter. Visit to subscribe.

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