Welcome to the “You Ask #PEDroAnswers” campaign to develop your searching skills

An essential element of evidence-based practice is searching to find the best high-quality research to answer your clinical questions.

Despite the importance of searching, just one in three physiotherapists perform a database search each month.

Skill is an obstacle to searching. We think physiotherapists would do more searching if they could increase their competency and efficiency.

With PEDro providing easy access to over 49,000 articles evaluating the effects of physiotherapy interventions, it is time for this to change.

The “You Ask #PEDroAnswers” campaign is designed to encourage physiotherapists to develop their searching skills and perform more database searching to find high-quality research to inform practice. In this campaign we will help you to improve your searching skills using the PEDro Advanced Search.

We invite the global physiotherapy community to submit clinical questions using a contact form on the PEDro web-site, by tagging us with your question in a Tweet (@PEDro_database or @PEDrinho_dbase) or through Facebook by posting your question as a comment on a “You Ask #PEDroAnswers” post or sending us your question via Messenger (@PhysiotherapyEvidenceDatabase.PEDro or @PhysiotherapyEvidenceDatabase.PEDrinho). Remember to include all the PICO elements in your question. That is, the Patient, Intervention, Comparator and Outcome.

Each month in 2021 we will share short videos illustrating how to use the PEDro Advanced Search to find the best research to answer these clinical questions. The videos will focus on searching for high-quality research using PEDro, they will not be providing recommendations for treatment. You can submit your questions in any language but, at least initially, the videos illustrating PEDro searching will be in English.

Throughout 2021 we will also be sharing some tips on how to use the PEDro Advanced Search.

This campaign is supported by World Physiotherapy, Australian Physiotherapy Association, Asociación Española de Fisioterapeutas, Società Italiana Fisioterapia and Société Française de Physiothérapie.

Please join us on the “You Ask #PEDroAnswers” campaign in 2021 to develop your searching skills.

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