Who used PEDro in 2020

An analysis of the contents of PEDro in the 11 January 2021 update is now available on the PEDro statistics page.

The number of reports of trials has continued to expand at an exponential rate.

During 2020 PEDro was used to answer 3,865,967 questions. This means that a new search was initiated every 8 second, on average, during 2020. PEDro users were from 215 countries.

Countries with the highest usage were : Brazil (26%), Spain (8%), USA (7%), Australia (6%), and France (6%).

Musculoskeletal and cardiothoracic physiotherapy have the largest quantity of trials, reviews and guidelines indexed on PEDro.

For all trial reports indexed on PEDro, the average total PEDro score is 5.1 (standard deviation 1.6). 39% of trial reports are of moderate to high quality, scoring 6/10 or more on the PEDro scale.

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