PEDro celebrates #WorldCancerDay on 4 February 2020

4 February 2020 is World Cancer Day. Created in 2000, World Cancer Day has grown into a positive movement to raise awareness for cancer prevention and treatment world wide. This year’s theme, #IAmAndIWill, emphasises the key role individuals and organisations play in taking positive actions to reduce the number of premature deaths from cancer.

Enhancing the knowledge and skills of healthcare workers is a powerful way to deliver quality cancer care. PEDro featured the results of three important systematic reviews in recent years:

  1. Exercise reduces cancer-related fatigue, including an infographic.
  2. Exercise after curative treatment for breast cancer might reduce mortality.
  3. Exercise therapy improves functional capacity and reduces disability in individuals with chronic disease, including cancer.

PEDro indexes a large quanta (2,200+ articles) of high-quality clinical research about the effects of exercise and other physiotherapy interventions for people with cancer. We recommend you use the PEDro Advanced search to acquire research articles to answer your clinical questions. Selecting the ‘Oncology’ code in the ‘Subdiscipline’ field is an easy way to define the patient group.

Improving the skills of healthcare workers to deliver these evidence-based programs is vital. In 2019 PEDro featured the work of Lou James and PINC & STEEL International, a pioneer in online and in-person training for physiotherapists.

PEDro can help you stay up to date with the latest developments in the physiotherapy treatment of cancer through the Evidence in your inbox feed dedicated to oncology. This monthly update features clinical practice guidelines, systematic reviews, and randomised controlled trials evaluating the effectiveness of physiotherapy interventions for people with cancer. The February 2020 feed contained 23 articles. Subscription is free.

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